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Greetings, In The Name of Jesus!
The Lord has revealed that this will be the year of GREATER!; Greater Blessings! Greater Manifestations of His Power! Greater Souls being Saved and being Delivered!. This will also be a time to Reset and Relaunch to Renew and Rededicate our relationships back to God. This year is about obeying Holy Spirit and obeying the Word of God! Everything you need this year of 2017 has ALREADY been provided by God. God only needs your time to pray and read His word and your faith to obey what HE says. As you do this, 2017 will be your GREATEST YEAR!
2 Peter 1:3 & Isaiah 46:10

Dr. Victor Wynn, Senior Pastor, Remnant Church International 

Little Rock, Arkansas


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The Truth about Halloween


Halloween is now an official holiday. Halloween is the most popular costume party of the year. In 2015 Halloween grossed 6.9 Billion dollars in sales from candy, decorations, costumes and horror movies.

The Traditions of Halloween are trick or treating, bonefires, carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples. The truth about Halloween is it’s a time for divination, magic, mediums, witchcraft, witches, sorcery, casting spells, holding a séance, ouija boards, spiritist and channeling the dead.  Read - Deuteronomy 18:10-13.

True origin of Halloween is called Celtic Folklore, a group of people, the Irish, Welsh, Scottish and from Great Britain who believe in the same things or traditions. The Celtic festival was called Samhain(sah-win), The mother of Halloween, this is the roots and origin of Halloween. Samhain was known as a festive gathering and used as a setting for supernatural encounters. Samhain / Halloween is the beginning of the Celtic New Year and the wiccan (witches) New Year. Samhain/Halloween represents the death of the Summer Sun God Lugh. Read - Exodus 20:3-5. The Samhain festival celebrates death, nature and renewal, they acknowledge the beginning and ending of all things in life and nature, they glorify winter and how the days get shorter and darker.


TRICK OR TREATING: Trick or Treating originated from Ireland. It is the custom of collecting bread, cheese, nuts & apples to prepare for the Samhain/Halloween Festival. The tradition of going door to door is called Souling, this is when the children and poor people would sing and say prayers for the dead in return to receive cakes & bread. The word Souling was when they would go door to door and to protect themselves from roaming evil spirits, the Celtic people would calm them down by offering the spirits treats and if you didn’t give the spirits a treat or leave a treat then you would get a trick, they would vandalize your property, livestock or your home. Trick or give us a Treat….


WEARING HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: The Tradition of wearing costumes is The Celtic people would disguise themselves at Samhain / Halloween so the spirits they would run into would think they were also a spirit and belonged in their company. When Halloween came to America, it came to Virginia first and the Americans didn’t like Halloween and the costumes were only of werewolves, witches, and vampires. Read – Roman 12:2 & Proverbs 22:6


BOBBING FOR APPLES: The Tradition of bonfires at Samhain / Halloween festival was to warm the friendly spirits that came around at the festival and to ward off evil spirits. The bonfire was in hopes that their Summer Sun God Lugh would return.  Read – 1 Thessalonians 5:22

JACK O’ LANTERNS: There’s nothing wrong with the pumpkin, we make a lot of different foods and spices from the pumpkin BUT the problem is when you carve out a pumpkin and make faces or drawings and place a candle, an ember on the inside of the pumpkin, then that changes the pumpkin into a Jack O’ Lantern. The Jack O’ Lantern is chiefly associated with Halloween / Samhain festival. Originally they would carve out a turnip for the Jack O’ Lantern but when the traditions came to America, they realized the pumpkin was easier to carve out.

The Real Story of The Jack O’ Lantern: The story is an Irish Tale(a tale means it’s made up, not true). There was a man name Jack and he was a thief. Jack encountered the devil on many occasions, He tried and did trick the devil. Jack died and couldn’t enter Heaven because he lived a sinful life but he couldn’t go to hell because the devil guaranteed him that it wouldn’t happen, so Jack was condemned to wonder the earth with one candle, an ember from the flames of hell to see his way on earth.

The Bible: The bible does not say the word “Halloween” but don’t be fooled because the word is not in the bible. Scriptures prove that Samhain/Halloween is in the bible. Read - Deuteronomy 18:10-13.

Satan has found a subtle way to get us to accept Halloween with friendly costumes (cartoon characters), decorations in your neighbors yard, decoration in the stores, there are signs of Halloween in your childs happy meal(the toy), school and daycare or your church or organization having a Harvest Festival, a Trunk or Treat Festival and different events on Halloween to appease you or for your child. We as Christians must take a stand today, check your homes and your personal lives to make sure you don’t have things that represent satan, this pagan event and choose NOT to celebrate Halloween as an alternative for God. God is not an alternative, an alternative implies a substitute. God is not a substitute for this pagan event, we’re not trying to be like the devil. Read – Matthew 6:24, 2 Corinthians 6:17, Ephesians 5:11.










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  • Vacation Bible School Field trip June 2017
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  • We serve an Awesome God! This is your NOW season! Glynnis McCoy is overjoyed after receiving her blessing.God used Victor Wynn Jr and Jalesa Wynn and the members of Remnant Church International to bless her with a car!!! To GOD be all the glory!!!
  • Apostle Wynn and Prophetess Wynn Picnic 2015
  • Apostle Wynn Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Apostle Wynn Delivering The Word prior to the Baptism Picnic 2015
  • Apostle Wynn and more of the Baptism Candidates Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Apostle Wynn Delivering The Word prior to the Baptism Picnic 2015
  • Apostle Wynn and a few of the Baptism Candidates Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Heading to the water for Baptism Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Heading to the water for Baptism Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Heading to the water for Baptism Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Heading to the water for Baptism Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Candidates standing on the edge of the water awaiting baptism
  • Apostle and his team entering the water Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • First 2 candidates that were Baptized Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Last Candidate to be Baptized Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Family and Friends showing support to those being baptized.
  • Mission Accomplished! Baptism 2015
  • Time to Eat. Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Time to Eat! Picnic/Baptism 2015
  • Remnant Church Picnic 2015 Paddle Boat Races
  • Remnant Church Picnic 2015 Paddle Boat Races
  • Remnant Church Picnic 2015 Paddle Boat Races
  • Remnant Church Picnic 2015 Paddle Boat Races
  • Remnant Picnic 2015 Paddle Boat Races
  • Church Picnic 2015
  • Some of the Candidates receiving their Baptism Certificates
  • Leadership Team Remnant Church of God In Portmore, Jamaica

The Remnant Church Family would like to extend a warm WELCOME! To all of our first time visitors and returning guests. At Remnant Church, we are committed to preaching, and teaching the life giving, and life changing Gospel of Jesus in its truth and purity. In all of our activities, the heart and core is always the Good Shepherd, who laid down His life to save lost sheep like you and me. To Him alone be the Glory! Please place your visitor’s card  in the offering basket. Thank you for visiting and feel free to Join Us Again.


Dr. Victor Wynn, Senior Pastor/Overseer & Co-Pastor, Dr. Robin Wynn



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Marriage Ministry - Get the most out of Your Marriage every 1st Sunday at 5 p.m.
Whether you are married or plan to be married, you can benefit from the biblical teachings and down to earth insight from experienced couples.                                                                                                                                         Women’s Ministry – Join the women every 2nd Saturday at 10a.m. as they study from The Solomon Seduction By: Mark Atteberry
Men’s Ministry – The Remnant Men meet every 3rd Saturday at 9a.m. and we invite you on a journey through the ultimate text book The Solomon Seduction By: Mark Atteberry. Be warned, you will never be the same!.
Youth Ministry - Our youth learn the fundamentals of faith, God’s love and favor in a fun environment with the complete biblical tools. Youth Sunday School 9am and Youth Worship Service 10am and every 4th Wednesday Tutoring Classes.                                                                                                                                     ESTEEM – Esteem Community Development Center will provide resources for personal and family development. This information services network will offer assistance in the areas of obtaining a GED, life skills assessment , sports specific training for athletes and much more.





             CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. ROBIN                

Leading Pastors, First Ladies, and Leading Women in the Community Award on March 11, 2017







Front CoverHow to Walk in Love  -     By: Kenneth E. Hagin
Get Acquainted With God  -     By: Kenneth W. Hagin





BREAKING NEWS FROM Tenali, India  2017







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FAITH Study Course for 2017


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